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What can Genie do?

Genie can fill in many roles to help in a variety of departments and teams as well as individuals. 

AI Search Engine

Retrieve any file based on the context, content and name in an instance

AI Librarian

Query any information, summarise & compare different documents

AI Secretary

Genie will store and organise meeting note. You will never miss out on important insights

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AI Assistant

Let Genie draft emails, set reminders, schedule meetings, assign tasks, and more for you

AI Data Auditor

Genie will check for duplications and redundancies between teams and individuals offline and real-time

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You Can Rest Assured

We value your security & privacy

GDPR Compliant

Industry-Standard Security Protocols

Multilingual Functionality

Data Governance


Option for On-Premise Solution

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Our clients have reported


up to

Less time spent

on tasks


Duplication of

documents & work


Collaboration with 

different teams across 

multiple countries

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