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Enhance customer support and empower your employees with our white-labeled products and witness the magic unfold

the chatbot

Our chatbot leverages state-of-the-art LLMs, similar to ChatGPT, but with your unique dataset. This allows the chatbot to rapidly become an expert in your domain and operate proficiently in multiple languages.


It can seamlessly and completely integrate into your system and infrastructure, or we can host it on our end. Moreover, it can be extended for use in various other text communication platforms such as SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.


Our chatbot can be applied in various scenarios, including engaging with customers, addressing general inquiries, and aiding customers in navigating company-specific procedures. Additionally, it can be employed within your internal workforce to optimise onboarding procedures and tailor its functionality to meet the unique needs of different departments as they go about their daily tasks.

response system

Our multilingual response system is designed to streamline your email communications by comprehending the context of incoming emails and crafting tailored responses. All you need to do is specify your unique context and provide a few examples of the desired responses.


It offers seamless and comprehensive integration into your system and infrastructure, or alternatively, we can host it on our end.


You have full control over the tone and length of the generated response. Additionally, you can configure the corresponders to select from your own set of templates based on the content and purpose of the incoming email.​

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